Ink & Sweat - Brickwalls and Pitfalls

from by Ink & Sweat



My aspirations for tomorrow
depend on when I'm getting paid.
I'm out of strength and time to borrow.
I'm at a breaking point from being pushed.
Well, I'm pushing back with the little bit of energy I have left
because I gotta beat this constant pressure or it'll leave me anchored.
The spiderweb cracks grow a bit more each day.
Keep composed and keep on as our nerve endings fray.
I've got a lot on my mind and not enough in my wallet.
I've got a lot on my plate, but it doesn't fill an empty stomach.
Now our existence's contingent on this new sense of purpose
found on stranger's floors, seeping through pores
and our muscles are sore for the 30 minutes we've been working for and working toward.
You know there's gotta be a better way
to balance my dreams with my day-to-day,
to put to practice all the promises and goals we've made
and never lose touch with the brickwalls and the pitfalls we face everyday.


from Ink & Sweat​/​Caseracer Split 7", released December 25, 2012



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Ink & Sweat Tampa, Florida

Sulynn Hago - vocals and guitar
Ryan Fouche - vocals and guitar
Matt Ostraco - bass
Leo Suarez - drums

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