Ink & Sweat​/​Caseracer Split 7"

by Ink & Sweat

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released December 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Ink & Sweat Tampa, Florida

Sulynn Hago - vocals and guitar
Ryan Fouche - vocals and guitar
Matt Ostraco - bass
Leo Suarez - drums

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Track Name: Ink & Sweat - Brickwalls and Pitfalls
My aspirations for tomorrow
depend on when I'm getting paid.
I'm out of strength and time to borrow.
I'm at a breaking point from being pushed.
Well, I'm pushing back with the little bit of energy I have left
because I gotta beat this constant pressure or it'll leave me anchored.
The spiderweb cracks grow a bit more each day.
Keep composed and keep on as our nerve endings fray.
I've got a lot on my mind and not enough in my wallet.
I've got a lot on my plate, but it doesn't fill an empty stomach.
Now our existence's contingent on this new sense of purpose
found on stranger's floors, seeping through pores
and our muscles are sore for the 30 minutes we've been working for and working toward.
You know there's gotta be a better way
to balance my dreams with my day-to-day,
to put to practice all the promises and goals we've made
and never lose touch with the brickwalls and the pitfalls we face everyday.
Track Name: Ink & Sweat - Our Words as Swords
Nevermind this king of hearts in his house of cards
because he's picking at seams and fretting with support beams
Smoke and a looking glass can only really last
before the fog has cleared
before the mirror cracks.
I always seem to shoot best aiming at my own chest.
The quiet nights scream the loudest.
Plug your ears, it only keeps the sound in.
Try to ignore this nagging tinnitus, but it doesn't stop the ringing.
So we busy our thoughts and we busy our hands
when we're sick of thinking things hard to mention
and try to put it in terms that we understand with fingertips and palms.
We seek advice from the crevices of our crowded lives,
from good songs to good conversations at night.
They clear our weary minds.

Let's drop the elementary language that heightens our unhealed damage
and stop bullying ourselves -- stop right now!
and put that energy somewhere else
because we're years past childish torments.
Why can't we find something to live for
instead of something to live with?
We gotta learn to recognize when everything is going right
to maintain the good and find something to live for instead of something to live with.
Track Name: Caseracer - Uncomfortable Silence / The Death of My Financial Security
If you're not happy, then why are you doing this to yourself?
I'm asking questions I already know the answer to.
Try to cover up the pain, with disdain for everyone and everything.
These tattoos won't make you comfortable in your own skin.
I just can't take how fake everything is shaping up to be.
This constant aching in my gut won't go away.

Someone said it was better to have been loved than to have never loved at all.
I think that's the reason why we perpetuate our own unhappiness.
For fear of what it means to be alone.
The fear of taking these problems on our own.
Track Name: Caseracer - Van Envy
On my way home
I caught every red light in my nowhere town.
As I gripped the wheel to stop myself from falling asleep.
I realized I'm underwhelming.

We could all be miserable, together or alone.

On my way home
I finally admitted to myself that there's problems I can't fix.
I want to make everyone in my life happy.
But it's starting to flood my brain.

We could all be miserable, together or alone.

So what if I said
Just go to sleep because it's all just in your head.
You'll stare at the ceiling and wish it was over
Track Name: Caseracer - Untrue
My throat is red
From screaming the things
That have already been said.

When you're so caught up in being all grown up
I keep waiting for you to change your tune.
But you never do. You never do.

Can't help but think that we're going in different directions.
I did my best, what more can I do?
I am a patient boy, don't get me wrong but I'm tired of waiting.
I would say it's fine, but that would be untrue.